Tutorial Apps

Tutorials are apps for phone and tablets (iOS and Android) in which we pick on particular variation and do a deep exploration.

Each tutorial contains about hour and half to 3 hours of video explanation split into multiple chapters 5 to 20 minutes each. Each chapter covers different aspect of that variation.

Chapters are accompanied with training exercises that help to memorize lines, that were just explained.

Also, each tutorial, comes with annotated supplemental games using that variation. So you can explore real games using that opening front to finish. Hope you will enjoy them!

Click on each tutorial icon below for details and download links.

Queen's Gambit Declined Tutorials

QGD Carlsbad App QGD Carlsbad QGD Be7 App QGD Be7 QGD Tarrasch App QGD Tarrasch

King's Indian Defense Tutorials

KID Classic App KID Classic KID Bayonet App KID Bayonet

More Chess Apps

Chess Openings App


Check out video explanations for all the major chess openings from national master Dereque Kelley. There are over 7 hours of the video lectures.
On the opening book page you can find win/draw statistics for 250,000 positions across over 3,000,000 games.
Chess Openings App
Chess Viewer App

Chess Viewer

ChessViewer helps you navigate through your chess games in a comfortable, touch-friendly way.
It's designed to be used to view your own PGN files.
There are few collections are coming with the app for demo purposes.
The user interface is designed so it is comfortable to use with touch interface and it's optimized for both portrait and landscape device orientations.
Chess Openings App
Chess Tactics App

Chess Tactics

Solve puzzles and sharpen your chess skills
with this easy-to-use chess tactics app
Chess Openings App
Simple Board App

Simple Board

Simple Board is the companion to read
and study with your favorite chess book
Chess Openings App